• Pengfei Zhang: A graduate student hardly slips your memory

  • Xuelu Wang: Never ceased to dig deeper in Life Science

  • Changsong Zou: an expert in Cotton Biology and Genomic Analysis of Polyploid crops

  • Sime Nkemeni Darrin: Let's sing Henan Opera

  • Suiying Cheng: Cultural Tourism, a way to live up History

  • Guofa Cai: A distinguished researcher of nanomaterials

  • Dan Juan: Grow in HENU and succeed in HENU

  • White Li: A law pratictioner or a history expert or a professional editor?

  • XiaoHui Zhang: A teacher of German language with a golden heart

  • Xiaofang Zhang: A 101 year-old eye doctor devoting to China's ophthalmology

  • Shenglei Fu: Committed to the development of ecological geography

  • Xiaojian Li: An academic leader in economic geography

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