Changsong Zou: an expert in Cotton Biology and Genomic Analysis of Polyploid crops

Changsong Zou, born in Nanyang in 1980, is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Henan University, School of Life Sciences and State Key Lab of Cotton Biology.

Zou obtained his Ph.D. in Plant at Chinese Academy Sciences in 2010, a Master’s degree in Microbiology at Yunnan Universtiy in 2007, and a Bacherlor’s degree in Bioengineering at Henan Universtiy in 2004.

After doctoral graduation in 2010, Zou landed his first job in Cotton Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences and incessantly worked as the talent young scientist of Cotton Genome Group until 2016 when Zou decided to elevate his academic background by conducting his postdoc research in Plant Stress Biology Institute of Chinese Academy Sciences. In 2018,  upon the completion of postdoc program Zou became a member of High-level Talent Fellow of Henan University and was appointed as the group leader of Cotton Fiber Research Group.

Zou is an expert in Cotton Biology and Genomic Analysis of Polyploid crops and he has published more than 30 SCI papers as the first author or corresponding author. Many of his publications appeared in several top journals, namely Nature Biotechnology, Nature Communications, Nature Plants, and Cell Research. His expertise together with experience in journaling academic papers brought him the opportunity to work as senior editor of worldwide-reputable journal named as BMC Biology.

Areas of Interest

Cotton Biology

Genomics Analysis of polyploid crops


1. Zhou, Y*…Zou, C#., and Song, C. P#. (2021). Introgressing the Aegilops tauschii genome into wheat as a basis for cereal improvement. Nature Plants.

2. Zou, C*…Zhang, H#. (2019). The genome of broomcorn millet. Nature Communications 10, 436.

3. Zou, C*…Zhang, H#. (2017). A high-quality genome assembly of quinoa provides insights into the molecular basis of salt bladder-based salinity tolerance and the exceptional nutritional value. Cell Research 27, 1327-1340.

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6. Zou, C*…Song, G#. (2013). Genome-wide analysis of the Sus gene family in cotton. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 55, 643-653

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