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Developing for 110 years, Henan University(HENU) expanded to three campuses: Minglun, Jinming and Zhengzhou. Immersed in the splendid culture of Song Dynasty, Minglun and Jinming campuses are situated in Kaifeng, a historical and cultural city used to serve as the capital city during 8 different dynasties. Located in Zhengzhou, the current Provincial Capital, Zhengzhou Campus organically combines history and modernity.

At present, as a comprehensive university with 13 academic fields of study covering Humanities, History, Philosophy, Economy, Management, Law, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Agriculture, Education, Arts and Interdiscipline. Henan University has 40 schools and departments, 92 Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 45 First-Level Disciplines for Master's Degree Granting and 21 First-Level Disciplines for Doctoral Degree Granting. HENU has a number of advantageous disciplines, among which Biology is selected as a “Double First-Class” initiative discipline in China, and 11 first-level disciplines, including Chemistry, Materials Science, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Plant & Animal Science, Pharmacology, Environment/Ecology, Biology & Biochemistry, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences (General), Computer Science have entered the top 1% of ESI world ranking. HENU has a strong faculty of over 4,700, including 6 academicians, 26 national leading talents with the titles of Yangtze River Scholar, National Distinguished Young Scholar, or “Ten Thousand Talent Program” Leading Personnel, and 15 national young talents. 50,000 full-time students are being on their academic journey with us. HENU has 3 State Key Laboratories, 1 National Observation and Research Station, 2 National Key Social Science Research Platforms, 3 National Local Joint Engineering Research Centers, 4 Henan Provincial Laboratories, 5 Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Agriculture, and a number of national bases for education, research, and training.

Actively participating in internationalized education, HENU keeps to broaden international cooperation, and has established partnership with more than 196 universities from 39 countries and regions.

Key Facts

“Double First-Class” Initiative University 
“Double First-Class” Initiative Disciplines Development : Biology
ESI top 1% Disciplines: Chemistry, Materials Science, Clinical Medicine, Engineering, Plant & Animal Science, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Environment/Ecology, Biology & Biochemistry, Agricultural Sciences, Social Sciences (General), Computer Science

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Established in 1912 as “the Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America”,Henan University was then one of the three training bases for studying abroad in China. The school was the former provincial public education institution and located in the former site of "Imperial Examination Center". The year 1942 saw the founding of National Henan University, a comprehensive university that enjoyed profound academic strength and worldwide reputation, with faculties in humanities, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine and law. After the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the University was modulated into Henan Normal College. 1984 witnessed the restoration of Henan University. In 2008, it became a co-construct university by Henan Province and Ministry of Education of China, a “Plan 111” construction university in 2016, and “Double First-Class” initiative university in 2017.

School Motto

To illustrate virtue, to enlighten people, and to pursue perfection




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  • Affiliated Hospital of Henan University
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  • Huaihe Hospital of Henan University
    FU Chuanheng
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  • The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University
    ZHENG Xiaozhen
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  • The Affiliated High School of Henan University
    SHANG Mingqiang
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  • Primary School of Henan University
    SONG Lei
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  • Shenzhen Research Institute of Henan University
    WANG Zhencun
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  • International School for Chinese Language and Culture
    ZHANG Ying

    Zhengzhou Campus: Mingli Street, Zhengzhou 450046, P. R. China
    Minglun Campus: 85 Minglun Street, Kaifeng 475001, P. R. China
    Jinming Campus: Jinming Avenue, Kaifeng 475001, P. R. China
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    E-mail: news@henu.edu.cn