Sime Nkemeni Darrin: Let's sing Henan Opera

Sime Nkemeni Darrin graduated from Henan University and obtained his master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering in July 2021.  

Born in Bafang, Cameroon in 1991, Darrin was raised with the care and guidance of his loving parents. Darrin’s parents stronggly believe that education is the lighthouse that can transform a person’s life and education always comes in as the priority in his family. He obtained his bachelors degree in 2015, and he was motivated to embark on graduate studies in Material Science in the University of Yaounde I one year later.

Darrin came to Henan University in 2017 as a Chinese language student sponsored by Confucius Institute. The Chinese language course has improved Darrin’s Chinese language proficiency significantly, giving him a tool to explore and appreciate Chinese cultures. Among which, Darrin shows a particular interest in martial arts and singing, especially Henan Opera.

Since 2017, he has participated in several national martial arts competitions, and was awarded the second prize in “The 3rd World Taichi Culture Festival” in Xiamen, the third prize in “The 3rd Silk Road Hanfeng International Martial Art Competition in Xuzhou. Darrin has also engaged in The International Cultural Festival to perform Chinese folk songs and Henan Opera to the audience.

Darrin is smitten with opera from the bottom of his heart, in 2018, he was invited to sing Henan Opera with other 3 students in Spring Festival Gala in Kaifeng. Later, introduced by a friend, he started to learn Henan Opera with the guidance of Shujian Li, a professional master of Henan Opera.

Darrin took part in “Liyuanchun”, a famous program of Henan Television Station in 2020, which presents drama culture, and was awarded the second prize in the final.

He was chosen as the leading actor to participate in a short video entitleDont you know” by ISCLC, supervised by School Publicity Department. The video showed his life and study in Kaifeng City and Henan University, and finally got into top 50 out of over 400,000 pieces of works in the competition of “My China Story” held by China Foreign Affairs Bureau.

His concerted effort and excellent performance in all kinds of activity brought him the chance to become a student representative delivering a speech at the Graduate Graduation Ceremony in July 2021. In the ceremony, Darrin sang a famous Henan Opera “Chaoyanggou” on the stage, which won him a lot of applause.

The achievements he has earned during his being in Henan catalyzed his keen interest in Chinese culture, which has motivated Darrin to pursue his doctor’s degree in Henan University. Darrin believes, “I am confident to graduate on time”.

(From: International School for Chinese Language and Culture)


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