Suiying Cheng: Cultural Tourism, a way to live up History

One discipline – Three destinations.


Suiying Cheng was born in Wuyang – a county in Henan province and went to Wuhan – the capital of the neighboring Hubei Province for Bachelor study in History. The first university that Cheng got admitted to is Central China Normal University which is one of the universities elected in the Project 211. Departing Hubei, Cheng continued his education by attending Master courses in History at Harbin Normal University in the up-north Heilongjiang province, which prepared for his doctoral degree in the same discipline in Nan Jing University.


Cultural Tourism as a way to live up History.


Completing his education, Cheng returned to Henan province and has been working as a professor and doctoral supervisor at Henan University School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management and joined in CCTV’s Lecture Room in which he introduced Chinese cultural and historical through his mini lectures.  


With a strong background in History, Cheng elegantly intertwined his historic knowledge with cultural tourism and leisure management which he believed is an effective method to live up History and bring this subject closer to the public. Cheng is particularly passionate for ancient capitals, which drove him to become the keynote speaker on the series of “Ancient Capitals of China”, “Ancient capitals on the Yellow River”, “Ancient cities on the Silk Road”.


Cheng has published more than 10 academic works, namely "Research on the Supply Mode of Urban Public Leisure Services and the Equalization of Urban Basic Public Leisure Services in China", "Construction and Sustainable Development of Golden Tourism Belt along the Yellow River" and "Ancient Cities on the Silk Road" and appeared in CCTV’s "Lecture Room" with an informative and appealing explanation on “Spring couplets” in the section “Welcome to the Spring Festival”.


Besides research, Cheng spends most of his time on teaching and guiding students in their academic journey. He has taught graduate courses such as "Frontiers in Tourism Management Research", "Frontiers in Research on Integration of Culture and Tourism", and undergraduate courses such as "Tourism Management", and in the past five years, he has supervised 4 post-doctoral students, 4 doctoral students, and 18 master students who all graduated successfully.


After presiding 1 major project of the National Social Science Fund, 3 general projects of National Social Science Fund, Ministry of Education Fund and Provincial Social Science Fund, Cheng was appointed the dean of the School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management at Henan University and has been in authority since 2018.


Cheng is currently the Academic Leader of Tourism Management in Henan Province and the Chief Expert of Research Base for the Cultural Tourism, China Tourism Academy. He was honored as the Young and middle-aged backbone teachers in Henan Province, academic and technical leaders of Henan Provincial Department of education, and excellent teachers in Henan Province.

(From: School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management)


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