Dan Juan: Grow in HENU and succeed in HENU

Dan Juan is a sports associate professor and graduate supervisor of School of Physical Education, HENU.


A graduate from Henan University

Dan Juan’s solid education foundation was laid at Henan University. Starting her Bachelor in athletics at the School of Physical Education at Henan University in 1999, Dan graduated in 2003 and soon after that she got enrolled by HENU in the study of physical education & trainng which offered her an insight into sports education. In 2006 she obtained her Master’s degree. From 2011 to 2014, she participated in a full-time doctoral course in physical education and training that provided her frontier knowledge of the field and obtained her Ph.D with distinction at Beijing Sport University which is a “Project 211” University under direct leadership of the General Administration of Sport of China.


- that works for Henan University

After graduation, Dan Juan continued her career in Henan University with continuous outstanding contribution in the field. She undertook and completed the National Social Science Fund general projectports evaluation theory and practice" and "Sports evaluation" in 2016 and 2021. She also partook of and completed the key project of teacher education curriculum reform of Henan Provincial Department of Education, studying PE teacher education mode. She presided over the annual school-level education reform project "Exploration and practice of ideological and political education in track and field based on embodied cognitive theory" in 2019. Moreover, she is taking charge of the research project of Henan Federation of Social Sciences, "Research on core literacy and curriculum stages of Physical Education under the background of project integration". In 2019, she participated in the 11th National Sports Science Conference and made a report entitled “Exploring the practical development of track and field based on the concept expression”. In tyhe same year, she published a paper entitled "Investigation and analysis of the current situation of sports skill learning strategies of the major physical education in Henan Province ", which was awarded the second prize of Excellent Scientific and Technological Reward by Henan Provincial Department of Education.


Dan Juan also published a book titled “Cultivation of high-level athletes in colleges and universities from the perspective of self-education” in 2018, one titled “Research on the development of track and field in China” in 2018 with Yang Jun, and another titled “Research on the theory and practice of track and field fitness teaching” in 2011.


- and honored by Henan University

She was respectively awarded Excellent Communist Party member of Henan University twice and won the honorary title of “Excellent Trade Union Member of Henan University” in 2017.


She won the second prize of Henan University Teaching Quality Competition in 2015 and was rated as excellent internship instructor of Henan University in 2016-2017. In 2016, she won the third prize of Henan Education System Teaching Skills Competition (College Sports) and in 2020, she won the second prize of Excellent Ideological and Political Course of Henan University.


(From: School of Physical Education)


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