White Li: A law pratictioner or a history expert or a professional editor?

White Li is now an editor of Henan University, responsible for editing the medical articles, publishing them online and communicating with authors.

Freshman at Henan and a senior professional for Henan.

White Li was growing up next to verdant paddy fields, and his parents were all hard-working farmers who worked from dawn to dusk to support the family. Li had two choices at hand, either to follow his parents’ footsteps to become a friend of nature or to make a bold decision that may change not only his life but also his parents’ forever. And Li chose the latter. “Education is the quickest way to transform a person’s life in China,” Li explained.  

In 1992, Li embarked on his bachelor degree in history in Henan University after a competitive national entrance exam “Gaokao” and spent four years there sharpening his mind and reasoning in law and economics. Four years long in Henan University provided Li a solid foundation, from which he made a giant step to Tsinghua University – the top university in China to study Law.

Since 2006, Tsinghua has become Li’s second home where he spent most his time at the library perusing hundreds of law articles. This university allowed a man with the burning life-transforming ambition chances to accumulate the most critical and innovative knowledge and to hone practical legal skills which then immediately earned Li a place at Weihua Group – one of the most renown companies in its field in China. There, Lis life has been surrounded by legal matters and company governance and management.  

In 2010, after years engagement in law industry, Li suddenly wanted a sense of home. He resigned from his company and returned to Henan University where his wife was currently working. 2013 was a year that witnessed another transformation of Li in which he decided to bring his academia to a higher level. Li applied for a Ph.D. in Chinese History at Henan University. “It’s the same old school, but a brand new me,” said Li. Then in 2014, he officially joined the Editorial Team of Henan University Journal where he works as a professional in the field of editing and publishing.


In 2018, Li obtained his Ph.D. degree with a thesis titled “A Study about Capitals in Warring States Period”.

Besides laws, it is History.

Besides Laws, if one ever wishes to find fire-burning eyes and sun -   like smile from Li’s face, History is the keyword. This passion is vividly seen once you look at his publication list.  

Li has a deep and wise understanding of the relationship between the introduction of cotton to China and the population growth of ancient China. The statement that is most often heard during Li’s discussions with colleagues is “The entering and introduction of cotton has a significant impact or role on China's historical population factors”. Li would never mind explaining hours and hours on how harsh Chinese people’s life before the appearance of cotton and how cotton enabled Chinese people to live through coldness during freezing winters.    

Another topic that has kept Li’s hands full is the construction and development of Chinese ancient city which has also granted him much achievement in the research field. Particularly, Li studies “The history of Chinese ancient walls”. Magnificent and grand The China Great Wall is, hardly modern people are aware that China used to only have in-closed ditches, but without walls. Li proudly elaborated, “The walls once formed constituted the important external parts of the traditional settlements as the moats, and they were all the symbols and characteristics of the ancient China cities.”

Li moved his eyes from the title “On the relationship between entering of cotton and growth of population in ancient China” to the illustrations of Chinese walls embedded in his research papers and to the windows of his office, from which a green paddle is dancing with the wind. “I just wondered where I now would be if I have chosen the former – following my parents’ footsteps,” Li stayed silent for a while then suddenly clicked on the pile of articles awaiting for him to be edited.   

Representative works or papers

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