XiaoHui Zhang: A teacher of German language with a golden heart

Xiaohui Zhang is an associated professor at the School of Foreign Languages and has been in charge of the administrative affairs of the German Department for about 10 years. Moreover, he is the founder of the well-known Mum Fund.


Zhang was born in Jiangsu Province on August 17, 1981. In 2000, he was enrolled as a undergraduate student majoring in German language by Tianjin Foreign Studies University. With a bachelor’s degree, he was hired as a full-time teacher of German to undergraduates by the School of Foreign Languages at Henan University. From 2011 to 2015, he studied as a postgraduate specialized in German literature at Tianjin Foreign Studies University. During the period he went to Germany for almost one year as a visiting scholar.


In addition to literature, Zhang is deeply interested in German culture and translation between German and Chinese. He has published over 20 papers in research journals and completed more than 15 projects at the level ranging from Henan University to Henan Province.


Besides his outstanding academic achievements, Zhang is a teacher with a golden heart. In 2006, he founded the Mum Fund using his own one-month salary. So far, he has donated over 400,000RMB and collected donation of more than 2,000,000RMB for children and students in need of financial help. Most of whom live in the countryside or mountain areas. Once he was away from work, he would pay a visit to the underprivileged students with his hands full of books, stationery, and snacks. Today, more and more teachers and college students are influenced by his caring actions and join him to teach the students in poor places for several days.


He was given many titles for his love and donation, including National Volunteer, Teacher of the Year 2018, the Most Beautiful Teacher in Henan Province. Also, he was rewarded the medal of Tianjin May 4th Youth Medal and other certificates.

(Lan Ding, the School of Foreign Languages)


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