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LU Keping Meets with Guests from Northeastern University

On April 2nd, Professor WANG Shenpei, Dean of Northeastern University School of Computer, visited Henan University. HENU Chancellor LU Keping met with the guests.

LU Keping gave a warm welcome to WANG Shenpei and introduced the history of Henan University and the basic situation of computer and information engineering, software engineering and other specialties. He said that Henan University attached great importance to international cooperation and exchanges, hoping that President Wang Shenpei would build bridges between Henan University and the Northeastern University to promote exchanges between teachers and students and scientific research cooperation between the two universities.

After expressing his thanks for the warm reception, Wang Shenpei said that he would actively promote exchanges and cooperation between the two universities. Later, he exchanged view with relevant personnel on exchanges of teachers and students, research cooperation and other aspects.

During the visit, Wang Shenpei made an academic report entitled “IPR and Applications” for the teachers and students of HENU School of Computer and Information Engineering, and was invited to give a lecture on “humanistic care of science and technology” for the “lecture hall of overseas masters” of Henan University.


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