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Foreign Experts of Henan University Take Part in Tree Planting Activity

On March 31st, the staff of International Affairs Office and the foreign experts from The School of Foreign Languages, The School of International Education and The School of Eurasian of our school took part in The Third ZhongYuan International Friendship Forest Tree Planting Activity. The activity sponsored by Henan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Zhouzhou Zhongjian Urban Development & Construction Co.,Ltd. is themed by “International friends Support Zhengzhou to Create National Landscape Garden City”. In the activity, the foreign experts of our school was awarded “the Environmental Protection Ambassador of ZhongYuan International Friendship Forest”.

Xu Zongqin, director of Henan Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Long Yongtu, CO-chairman of Global CEO Conference and chairman of CCG attended the event and made a speech. Xu Zongqin made a general summary of the environmental improvement in Henan and thanked foreign experts for their participation. The foreign experts of our school worked together to plant 6 Sakura trees which symbolizes pure and brilliant friendship. During the period, they also expressed their pleasure in participation and spoke highly of the activity.



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