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Guests from University of Reading, UK Visit HENU


On April 14th, Professor John BOARD, vice president of University of Reading and dean of Henley Business School, visited Henan University. HENU chancellor LU Keping and vice president SUN Junjian met with the guests.

LU Keping warmly welcomed John BOARD, hoping that the two universities would strengthen cooperation, seek cooperation opportunities in the fields of common interest and further promote the substantive international cooperation. John BOARD introduced the basic situation of Henley Business School, conducting in-depth discussions on the specific content of business cooperation projects with HENU.

After the meeting, John BOARD visited the History Museum and School Museum in Minglun campus of HENU.

Founded in 1892, University of Reading is a first-rate university in the UK. Henley Business School, founded in 1945, is the first business school in the UK and the largest school of DBA in Europe.


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