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Delegation from MSU Visit HENU

On April 20th, a delegation from Faculty of Journalism in MSU led by Talas·Sergeyevich, director of the International Affairs Office, visited Henan University. Mao Liqun, director of the International Affairs Office, and Deputy Director Zhang Bo met with guests in conference room 536, Administration Building, Jinming Campus.

Firstly, Mao Liqun welcomed the delegation of Talas·Sergeyevich and gave them a brief introduction to our school history and international exchanges. She said HENU and MSU signed a framework agreement in 2015, which had a solid foundation of cooperation and the two university leaders have frequent contacts through mutual visits. The Chinese government is speeding up the construction of the "One Belt, One Road." Russia, as a country along the "One Belt, One Road," hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and strive to promote exchanges between our university and MSU in teachers and students, scientific research cooperation and cooperation in running schools and other aspects of substantive and high level cooperation.

Talas·Sergeyevich thanked our university for its warm reception and praised the long history of HENU and fruitful achievements in international development. He said MSU would actively promote cooperation and exchanges between the two universities. Then the two sides further discussed the concrete cooperation of "2+2" and "3+2" Projects for undergraduates, short-term training and so on.


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