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Alumni Association in U.S.A.

On October 23rd, 2010, Henan University Alumni Association in America held its official opening in Han Palace, Washington, USA.

Tan Fuqing, the Chinese Consul in the United States, Zhang Tibin, First Secretary of the Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, Ge Xiangwen, President of the Washington Office of Xinhua News Agency, Fang Guodong, President of Chinese Alumni Associations of Greater Washington, Xie Xintan, President of the American Chinese Commerce Association, Cao Guozhong, official of the Chinese Department of the United Nations,Du Jing, a journalist from Xinhua News Agency, and Yang Li, a journalist from Xingyuan TV, attended this opening ceremony.

Guan Aihe, the president of Henan University Alumni Association and secretary of the Party Committee of Henan University, along with the heads of some departments were also present at the opening. In addition, nearly 100 Alumni working in the United States attended the opening over which Dr. Wang Jue presided.

Guan Aihe read out the Official Reply of Henan University Alumni Association on Approving the Establishment of Henan University Alumni Association in America, and extended his best wishes to the new Association and its newly-elected leadership.

Tan Fuqing and Zhang Tibin also extended their warm congratulations to the Association.

Liang Zhongping, deputy leader of the preparatory working group of the new Association, read out the list of members in the Council of the Association. 

Dr. Fu Pinde, President of Henan University Alumni Association in America, delivered a speech, in which he expressed his gratitude towards the leadership and alumni of Henan University for their concern and support for the establishment of the Association, and he said he would work with the majority of alumni in the United States to forge the bonds between alumni themselves, between alumni and Henan University and between Henan University and America. In addition, he hoped to serve the whole alumni community and made contributions to Henan University, especially in making preparations to celebrate its centennial anniversary.

Sun Lianzhi, Vice President of the Association, gave a report on the Association’s work plan to attendee.

Alumni Associations of Henan University in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Canada, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Zhengzhou and Xinxiang all sent their congratulatory letters.

Henan University Alumni Association in America is the second alumni association established abroad following the first one founded in Canada.

On September 20, 2018, the Third Council Meeting of Henan University Alumni Association in America was held, and Professor Hu Shixiong, President of the Association, presided over this meeting, in which there was newly-elected members of the fourth council. And according to the rules of the Association, Zhai Ying, unanimously nominated as the only candidate for the Association Presidency, was finally voted by the members of the fourth council the fourth president of Henan University Alumni Association in America.

 The first president- Fu Pinde

Fu Pinde, an alumnus getting admitted to the Geography Department in 1987, obtained a master's degree from Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994, and acquired his doctorate from Kansas University in America in 2000. Currently he is working as a senior engineer and project director of Environmental Systems Engineering Institute in America. 

(Fu Pinde)

The second president –Sun Lianzhi

 Sun Lianzhi, an alumnus getting admitted to the Mathematics Department in 1981, is a vice director of Fund Investment Department of Nuveen Fund Management Company in America.

(Sun Lianzhi)

 The third president- Hu Shixiong

Dr Hu Shixiong, an alumnus getting admitted to the Geography Department in 1986, is a tenured professor in Geography Department of Pennsylvania University.

(Hu Shixiong)

 The fourth president –Zhai Ying

Zhai Ying graduated from the School of Education in 2005.  After graduation, she went to Teachers College of Columbia University for further study to undertake a specialization in international and cross-cultural studies. Since 2006, she has worked in different organizations, such as the United Nations Department of Public Information, the Office of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Department of Political Affairs, and the United Nations Information Technology Management Office, etc. Now she works in the United Nations Department for General Assembly and Conference Management and serves as the President of Chinese Book Club of United Nations, and over the past few years, she has been engaged in organizing club-related activities joined by the local alumni, and has made positive contributions to Henan University Alumni Association in America joining the "Consortium of North American Universities”. Besides that, she has also participated in various kinds of social activities and played a constructive role in serving the alumni community.

 (Zhai Ying)

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