Notice of short-term exchange program at monash university in Australia in 2018
From:International Affairs Office     Date:2017-12-21    Read Points:

In international education exchange center is during winter vacation in January 2018 to February, in the design of domestic institutions of higher learning institute, institute of architectural design class and urban planning college of selecting excellent college students, in Melbourne, Australia's monash university art design and architecture college take part in the learning exchange program for 3 weeks. Please refer to the attachment for details of the project. Related matters are notified as follows:

1. Study time: January 22, 2018 - February 9, 2018 (3 weeks)

2. Research location: monash university, Melbourne, Australia.

Iii. Selection criteria:

1. College students who are officially registered in Chinese universities have reached the age of 18;

2. Have good political quality, moral quality, cultural accomplishment and physical and mental health;

3. Fluent English, good oral communication skills and an English teaching environment;

4. Professional direction: art, art design, architectural design, number.

Major in word media, etc.

4. Research fees: 24,300 yuan/person.

Package includes: university registration fee, tuition, material fee, accommodation fee, transfer machine, ink.

The city's public transportation and project management fees.

Not included: visa fee and visa service fee, overseas insurance, meals, international air tickets.

Scholarship: the financial aid scheme of the school is referred to the "outstanding student state of henan province in 2017".

Eligible students on December 30, please fill in the henan university students go abroad (boundary) form, this form of excellent college students to study science (see annex), according to the relevant person in charge of approval order listed by stamp, after signature and seal of the above two form international exchange department is the teacher, the application of excellent college students to study science electronic fax or email to the international education exchange center sun teacher, project related formalities.


China education international education exchange center sun teacher.

Contact: 010-58782832 18612667204.

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The international exchange office of henan university is still a teacher.

Contact number: 0371-22857224.

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