Jiajun Qiao: Rural revitalization comes above everything

On March 27, 2017, Lankao County was announced to be the first county in Henan that was lifted out of poverty. The poverty alleviation assessment was carried out by Jiajun Qiao. "I was excited when I was informed of conducting the assessment. I feel so proud to witness this historical moment", he said.

Qiao is the secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Geography and Environmental Science. For many years, he has been focusing on the research of rural affairs. In 2016, entrusted by the State Council Leading Group Office for Poverty Alleviation and Development, he led to organize the HENU third-party group to evaluate the result of the national targeted poverty alleviation. Since then, he devoted himself to the evaluation. He visited those communities in person, regardless of how many difficulties there were on his journey.

"The third-party evaluation works like a 'quality inspection instrument'. It aims to give an objective, scientific, independent, and fair assessment of the result of poverty alleviation. The assessment is based on data verification, household surveys and cadre interviews, figuring out whether counties have already been lifted out of poverty", Qiao said. He was keenly aware of the weight of the task from the moment he was entrusted. To make an evaluation, he led a group of dozens to hundreds of people to villages in person, with some located in mountainous area. An evaluation report can only be obtained after repeated check and verification.

When assessing the poverty alleviation result in Lankao County, Qiao led a group of 103 people to visit specified villages and households in every community. "There are 436 administrative villages in Lankao. We interviewed more than 4,000 impoverished households living in 399 of them. After more than one month of hard work, we finally obtain the assessment report", he said.

Over the past five years, Qiao led the group to 25,629 villages in 138 counties in 8 provinces including Hebei, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Qinghai. They interviewed 85,371 poverty-stricken households in total in their journey of more than 2 million kilometers. They finished reports with more than 6 million words. What's more, they made some innovations in the evaluation content, the evaluation method and the evaluation mechanism, forming "HENU Model" in the third-party evaluation of targeted poverty alleviation.

From 2016 to 2021, due to the outstanding performance, this group led by Qiao was awarded the National Advanced Collective for the Third-party Evaluation of the Result of the National Targeted Poverty Alleviation by the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development. Qiao and his group members were awarded the National Advanced Individual.

Raised in the countryside, Qiao has strong feelings about rural development. He will continue to devote himself to the research of rural affairs. "Getting rid of poverty marks a new starting point. In the future, we will put rural revitalization above everything else and do all what we can do to support rural development", he said.


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