Guirong Li: Be a messenger of knowledge



Guirong Li is a distinguished professor of Henan Province and a doctoral supervisor at Henan University (HENU). Recognized as the favorite teacher by students and a model by teachers, she just saw herself as a common teacher trying to do her job well.

In September 1983, Li was admitted to the Department of Education, HENU.

In 1987, Li graduated with a bachelors degree and decided to stay at HENU and began his postgraduate studies under Professor Hanlan Wang. Later, she went to Beijing Normal University to carry on her study postgraduate studies in Educational Economics under Professor Xibin Jin. Graduating with a master's degree, she chose to teach at HENU.

In 2003, Li re-entered Beijing Normal University to pursue a doctorate in Educational Economics and Management. Under the careful guidance of Professor Jin Xibin, one of the first batch of education economics scholars in New China, she gradually grew into a backbone of China's educational economics research, serving as a director and an executive director successively of the Chinese Society of Educational Economics. In 2004, at the 20th anniversary of the Chinese Society of Educational Economics, Li gave a special speech entitled 20 Years of Evolution of China's Educational Economics Discourse, which was highly praised by experts and later published in Educational Research. Since then, Li's academic career has reached a new level.

Li puts teaching above everything else. Her continuous effort in teaching brought her the first prize in the first Young Teacher Lecture Competition of HENU, and the title of "Top Ten Undergraduate Teachers of Henan University”. Her project of “virtual simulation experiment teaching” was included in the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses. These years, she engaged in the reform of classroom teaching, driving her teaching more and more novel and challenging. On top of that, she has won many teaching quality competition awards and was selected as the favorite teacher by students.

At the same time, Li served as the lead tutor of Excellent Middle School Teacher Training Program, launched by the Ministry of Education and organized by HENU.

The program she is in charge of is challenging, complex and trivial - covering undergraduate-level and postgraduate-level, involving nine disciplines and opening for many social cooperative training units.

Since the start of the Program in 2015, she worked actively together with the head teacher and the tutor team in cultivating talents, exploring paths, making models, and creating brands, which has achieved remarkable results.

Li served as an expert in the "National Training Program" launched by the Ministry of Education. Personally, she conducted teacher training for many times, and delivered speeches at schools of all levels, to talk about "The Role and Responsibility of Teachers", "The Thinking and Method for Classroom Teaching Design", and "The Norms and Art of Teaching", spreading good teaching spirit.

In recent years, Li led to conduct 12 international cooperation studies, and provided professional education impact assessment services for a number of enterprises, institutions and social organizations. At the same time, she showed a great concern about disadvantaged groups. She engaged in public welfare undertakings and promoted social welfare undertakings by working part-time in educational foundations or providing professional evaluation services for charities. In the summer of 2021 when Henan suffered a flood disaster, she donated a total of 12,000 yuan and assisted the civil rescue team to raise materials.

Guirong Li shows a deep reverence for teaching. Engaging in teaching for more than 30 years, she has been staying true to her commitment to teaching and keeping her original intention and sincerity.


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