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The 5th China Higher Education Animation Summit Forum is held at HENU

On December 10, the 5th China College Animation Summit Forum was held at Henan University (HENU). The Forum was attended by Shaokang Xu, vice president of HENU, Jianping Li, dean of the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, Xinyuan Huang, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Animation and Digital Arts of the Communication University of China, Yu Hyoung Jun, a professor of ICT-Digital Content Design at Myongji University in South Korea, as well as experts and scholars from different universities. The opening ceremony was presided over by Weiquan Xi, dean of the Fine Arts College at HENU.

At the ceremony, Shaokang Xu first extended his warm welcome to all participants on behalf of HENU. He pointed out that HENU has held four consecutive China College Animation Summit Forums that help explore the construction and talent cultivation of the major of animation at colleges and universities. He expressed his wish that all participants could take the opportunity to reach a consensus on the future development of animation.

Jianping Li delivered a speech in which he indicated that HENU is a famous century-old university in China with a profound history and great vitality and that he believed animation would have a bright future at such a historical university.

After the opening ceremony, experts conducted in-depth discussions on hot issues in the field of animation and AIGC. They put forward that the creation of animations should be based on more regional culture and artistic characteristics. Later, they shared opinions on the ways of innovative teaching, curriculum design, and educational concepts under the condition of artificial intelligence.

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