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Video conference between HENU and Illinois Institute of Technology is held

On December 12, 2023, Henan University (HENU) held a video conference with the Illinois Institute of Technology. The conference was attended by Shenglei Fu, Vice President of HENU, Mallik Sundharam, Vice President of the Illinois Institute of Technology, Yongqiang Bai, Dean of Miami College, Wei Zhao, Deputy Dean of Miami College, as well as heads of relevant departments of HENU.

Shenglei Fu pointed out that HENU has a long history and has developed a wide range of disciplines. He expressed that HENU has always attached great importance to international construction, and he hoped the conference would promote mutual understanding and deeper cooperation between the two universities.

Subsequently, Mallik Sundharam introduced the basic situation of the Illinois Institute of Technology, concepts of school-running, and prospects of development.

At the conference, Yongqiang Bai and Wei Zhao had an in-depth exchange with Mallik Sundharam on cooperation intentions and cooperation modes. Both parties reached a consensus on carrying out multi-form cooperation.

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