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I-Shou University President CHEN Zhenyuan Visits HENU


On May 10th, CHEN Zhenyuan, president of I-Shou University in Taiwan, visited HENU. HENU chancellor LU Keping met with the guests, and HENU vice president SUN Junjian had an informal discussion with them.

LU Keping expressed a warm welcome to CHEN Zhenyuan. He said that Henan University had frequent exchanges and deep friendship with Taiwan, hoping that the two universities could take this opportunity to further strengthen the cooperation and expand the exchange of teachers and students.

SUN Junjian talked about Henan University’s exchange planning and cooperation idea for Taiwan. CHEN Zhenyuan introduced the basic situation of I-Shou University, inviting LU Keping to visit the University at a convenient time. LU Keping accepted the invitation with pleasure.

The two universities held talks on several cooperative projects on teachers and students.

After the meeting, CHEN Zhenyuan visited HENU History Museum and Cultural Relics Museum.



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