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Delegation from Southern Federal University Visits HENU


On April 25th, a delegation from Southern Federal University (SFedU) led by Iona KONSTANTINOVNA visit Henan University. HENU vice president SUN Junjian met with the delegation, presenting gifts to them, and looking forward to the visit of the president of SFedU.

SUN Junjian said that the visit of SFedU had positive significance to the international cooperation and exchange of HENU. Iona Konstantinovna fully affirmed the results of the cooperation between the two universities.

The two universities exchanged views on the jointly construction of doctoral and master's programs of Psychology, the Russian Language Center and the Russian Level Examination Center, the 1+1 cooperation program for postgraduate students, and the Russian Distance Education Center.

Founded in 1915, SFedU ranked 4th in all Russian universities. In 2012, HENU and SFedU carried out a Sino foreign cooperative undergraduate education program.



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