Notice about the training of teachers in the United States
From:International Affairs Office     Date:2017-12-25    Read Points:

In order to further strengthen the university in the United States of America talent cultivation plan of 121 project on the platform of cooperation and exchange, promote China's colleges and universities of international construction project, by the China international education exchange center (ministry of education) to carry out the "of the United States of the talent training plan for Chinese colleges and universities of professional faculty orientation training project" has been started.

The project intends to select a batch of outstanding teachers from Chinese universities to study in the United States for 6 months in 2018-2019 (optional 2018 autumn semester or spring semester 2019). Our school as a "talent cultivation plan of China and the United States 121 project of China university of cooperation, plans to send teachers to participate in the project, the university of the United States from training fee and other expenses, project see the attachment for details.

Optional conditions:

1. Good health, no violation of laws and regulations;

2. Bilingual (Chinese and English) teaching ability, able to communicate and write in English;

3. Have clear research objectives;

4. Abide by the relevant regulations of the project;

5. Give priority to teachers with international education background.

Registration time and registration form:

Please read the attachment carefully and submit the following materials to the international exchange office before January 8, 2017.

1, "henan university faculty on business abroad (boundary) application form" (see annex or into international exchange website to download, the need to place unit for examination and approval of agree, funds, the bursar's office for examination and approval by the competent department), personal application and other supporting materials;

2. "attachment a Chinese university orientation training teacher submit list" (see attachment) the paper version shall be submitted by the unit stamped by the unit, and the electronic file will be sent to

The materials required by the teacher in the project registration manual shall be submitted to Mr. Liu on January 15 according to the requirements. (see appendix for details)


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