Liqun Wang: Share the beauty of classics with audience

"He is like a snail moving steadily forward with no rest," his wife said worriedly.

The perseverance deep in blood has worked Liqun Wang all the way to become a professor at the College of Chinese Language and Literature of Henan University, allowing him to continuingly pursue his passion for learning and teaching literature.

Wang’s teaching career started when he was turning 20 with the position of temporary teacher in an elementary school where he was asked to teach classes when female teachers were on maternity leave. Not so long after that he transferred to teach at middle school and high school before finally settling down in university teaching doctoral students.

In 2006, at the age of 61, he was invited to gave lectures on Lecture Room, a very popular CCTV program in China. His uniqueness and sophistication in delivering scholar speeches in an elegantly humorous tone brought his name to every Chinese household. For over ten years, he appeared quite a lot on this TV program to give lectures on history, throughout which he was always praised as one of "The Best Academic Speaker of Lecture Room". He also shared the beauty of ancient poetry with the audience in Chinese Classical Poetry Quiz Show, another CCTV program.

Wang shared his burning passion for education: "Teaching and academic studies is my breath." Indeed, had he not been found in class, he would have been at his office desk with a cup of tea which is his best company whenever reading and writing articles.

His devotion to researching was testified by numerous activities. Firstly, the speech about a character in Records of the Grand Historian was composed with him scouring every article in any creditable academic website for critical opinions in ensuring that his speech is adequately inclusive. Secondly, his written publication Research on Ancient Chinese Landscape Travel Notes was recognized as the first general work on landscape travel notes in China's academic world in the 20th century. Most significantly, he pioneered in the research of Anthology, the existing poetry collection with the longest history, and have published widely-read papers and academic books. Lastly, he volunteered to guide other scholars to conduct related national social science fund projects.

Rational and witty, he could easily answer every question from the public. In his views, as a scholar, conducting academic research is of equal importance to sharing knowledge with the public. Upholding that principle, he never stopped carrying out his academic research and sharing it with the public on TV, publishing academic books that were widely recognized by scholars and common works that were readable to the public, like Analysis about Records of the Grand Historian, and Comments on Poetry.

At the opening ceremony of the graduate students of Henan University in 2019, Liqun Wang, reflecting on his academic life, advised students to be persistent and concentrative, and encouraged them to experience a painful sharpening and make contributions to the society.

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