Qingping Yang: An interpreter who built a bridge of love between China and Zambia

Qingpign Yang, setting out for Zambia with other medical team members on October 20th, 2020, working as an all-time interpreter in the 22nd group of Chinese medical team in Zambia. This medical team consisted of medical personnel from 8 organizations, including First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University (HENU), Huaihe Hospital of HENU and School of Foreign Languages of HENU.

Qingping Yang, an associate professor of English at the School of Foreign Languages, a doctor of Translation Study, and a master tutor, has been rated as one of the “Outstanding Interpreter in Henan” and the “favorite teacher by students of HENU”. In 2019, Yang was chosen by School of Foreign Languagesto work as an English interpreter for the Chinese medical team in Africa.

To ensure the smooth running of the medical work in Zambia, the medical team was arranged a 6-month centralized training and a 3-month online training. Yang took charge of the medical English teaching in the whole process. In the training center, he served as the teacher of Medical English and he taught students while pursuing improvement in his own skills. During the 9 months of training, he completed the teaching of 3 medical English textbooks provided by the training center - Practical Medical English Course, Cambridge Medical English and Practical Guide of Medical English, and 7 books recommended by team members, namely Medical English Situational Dialogue, Resident Physician's English Handbook, Practical Medical English Conversation, Doctor-Patient English Conversation, Doctor's Diagnosis and Treatment English Conversation, Bilingual Medical English Conversation and Medical Document Example Collection. All these efforts laid a solid foundation for the smooth development of the work in Zambia.

On November 26th, 2020, Yang embarked on his journey to Africa together with the medical team. Serving as the interpreter, he started his busy work both in interpretation and external liaison as soon as he arrived at Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

As a full-time interpreter, he needed to deal with all the affairs related to foreign side. He accompanied the officials of the Chinese embassy and the captain of the medical team to visit the deputy minister of the Ministry of Health of Zambia; helped make exchanges with the relevant functional departments of the Ministry of Health; organized the team members to participate in the induction training; provided materials needed for the team members' joining in the medical work according to the requirements of the Zambian side; and got the doctor's qualification certificate and practice certificate required for the job.

He also assumed as an excellent coordinator. He was easily seen at Zambia's Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Immigration, Government Vehicle Administration of the Ministry of Traffic, Medical Products Administration, Administration of Customs, Police Station, logistics companies, insurance companies, banks, etc. Under his help, the Chinese medical workers obtained government vehicle driver's licenses and insurance; the medical supplies and important anti-epidemic drugs in China, such as Lianhua Qingwen Jiaonang and Jinhua Qinggan Keli, were authorized to be imported. In that way, the medical team members carried out work smoothly.

He has driven with the captain of the medical team and doctors for 20 kilometers for several times, to offer medical service for the elderly patients with limited mobility. He has received Zambian politicians and accompanied doctors to offer medical services for the politicians for many times. Taking each entrustment seriously, he helped the group force for the counterpart hospital cooperation mechanism construction of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University with the Joint Application Form for the Construction of China-Zambia Respiratory Medicine Center and related approval procedures.

Keeping his mission and love for the world in mind, he never gives up, no matter what he goes through.

To express sincere gratitude to the 22nd group of Chinese medical team in Zambia for their outstanding contributions in medical assistance from December 2020 to January 2022, on March 9th, 2022, the Ministry of Health of Zambia granted all members the award of Extraordinary Service in Zambia. Lackson Kasonka, deputy minister of the Ministry of Health of Zambia, presented the honorary certificate to the medical team members including Qingping Yang. During the period, Yang, together with all other medical team members, worked hard to practice the spirit of the Chinese medical team: be willing to contribute our efforts no matter how hard the work is; try best to help with patients no matter where they come from. That has greatly deepened the friendship between China and Zambia.

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