Sven Bjarke Gudnason: How research journey leads me to Asia?

Sven Bjarke Gudnason is a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University.

Professor Gudnason obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Technical University of Denmark and Master’s from University of Copenhagen in Demark, profoundly preparing for his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the School of Graduate Studies Galileo Galilei, University of Pisa in Italy. “Physics is my mind and soul,” Gudnason delightedly shared.

When the curtain falls on 2010, Gudnason successfully graduated and honorably earned an unconditional offer for the position of postdoc at University of Pisa Department of Physics where he worked for two years. His established knowledge of Physics plus two-year postdoc experience at his alma mater brought him a golden opportunity to join the research team at Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics (NORDITA) situated in Stockholm, Sweden – a intergovernmental research organization working on large-scale projects relating to condensed matter physics and high-energy physics.

Four-year work at NORDITA where Gudnason cooperated with many Asian co-researchers, transposed his career path from Europe to Asia. Starting off in Asia as a vice researcher at Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2016, Professor Gudnason then moved to work as vice professor at Keio University from 2018 to 2019 before his arrival at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Henan University. “It’s a long way from Northern Europe down south to Asia. Perceptionally and culturally challenging as the trip has been, it’s really worth it,” reflected Gudnason.

Professor Gudnass has been awarded with numerous prestigious awards, namely the highest-published first-author papers in a highly-ranked international journal at the Institute of Modern Physics in 2016 and at the Institute of Modern Physics in 2015.

Areas of Interest

  • Mathematical Physics

  • Linking numbers and Hopf fibrations

  • Effective theories for solitons

  • Natural supersymmetry


1. S. B. Gudnason*, M. Barsanti, and S. Bolognesi, Near-BPS baby Skyrmions with Gaussian tails, JHEP 2105, 134 (2021)

2. S. Baldino, L. Bartolini, S. Bolognesi, and S. B. Gudnason*, Holographic Nuclear Physics with Massive Quarks, Phys. Rev. D103, 126015 (2021)

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5. S. B. Gudnason*, and M. Nitta, Linked vortices as baryons in the miscible BEC-Skyrme model, Phys. Rev. D102, 045022 (2020)

(From: School of Mathematics and Statistics)

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