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Video: A Global HENU

Henan University was founded in 1912 known as a Preparatory School for Further Studying in Europe and America. In 1923, it developed into a university, which was then the first modern university in central China. With concerted efforts, Henan University now is part of the "Double First-class" Initiative Program, and a reputable university in China.

Henan University has three campuses, they are Minglun, Jinming and Longzihu. In recent years, Minglun campus remains one of China's Top 10 Beautiful Campuses for its elegant Minguo-style architectures.

The university motto is “To illustrate virtue, to enlighten people, and to pursue perfection”. It is engraved above the main campus entrances to encourage every passing-by student and teacher to strive for further academic excellence.

As a comprehensive University, Henan University now has 12 branches of study, including literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, education and art. The university has 98 Bachelor’s programs, 43 Master’s programs and 20 Doctoral programs.

The university has more than 4,400 faculty members and 50,000 full-time students. Student education has always been the top priority. To date, Henan University has more than 600,000 graduated students. Some of them have become leaders in government offices, academic institutions, business agencies, and so on.

Research also plays a vital role in Henan University. There are 104 government-funded labs, among them 8 are state key labs. Through close cooperation with enterprises, the University is committed to academic innovations. In recent 5 years, more than 700 projects have achieved application, and the increased income of enterprises exceeds 7 billion RMB.

Henan University has a long tradition of international communication. Since its very beginning, 1/3 of its teachers were from overseas. Now the university has established cooperation with 187 universities from 36 countries and regions. And more than 500 foreign teachers work here each year; over 5,000 international students studied here. This is where the Eastern and Western educational philosophies meet.

Every year, various activities, especially the International Academic and Cultural Festival, are organized by the university to promote cross-cultural exchange. At present, there are 129 student clubs covering sci-tech, culture, sports, music, martial arts and fine arts, etc. These activities provide students with a colorful campus life and enrich their social experiences.

Looking into the future, Henan University will keep its opening attitude and striving spirit, seek collaborative innovation and pursue academic excellence.


Zhengzhou Campus: Mingli Street, Zhengzhou 450046, P. R. China
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