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WANG Jiayao

WANG Jiayao

Wang Jiayao was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province in May 1936. He is the Professor, Doctoral Supervisor of Geospatial Information College of Information Engineering University and is also the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. He was awarded the First “People’s Ladder Award“ by China PLA General Political Department and he was awarded the National Outstanding Science and Technology Worker and the Major Contribution Award of the Army’s Professional Technology, and enjoyed special government allowances.

He used to be a member of the Discipline Evaluation Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, a member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the Military Products Finalization Committee of the Central Military Commission of the State Council, a director of the China Surveying and Mapping Society and the chairman of the Cartography and GIS Professional Committee, and a member of the Expert Advisory Committee of the General Assembly “810” Project; He is currently the director of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Geospatial Information Engineering and the director of the Military Key Laboratory of Military Surveying and Mapping Navigation Engineering.

He has been engaged in the research of cartography theory, digital cartography, military geographic information system and military surveying and mapping information grid for a long time. He has presided over the establishment of the first computer cartography major and military geographic information engineering major in China, and led the team (including doctoral students) to complete the development tasks of military geographic information system at three levels of strategy, campaign (war zone) and tactics, and the system has now been widely used. He won one first prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, one first prize and one second prize of Military Teaching Achievement Award, one second prize of National Defense Science and Technology Award and four first prizes of Military Scientific and Technological Progress Award. He has published 15 academic works and teaching materials, of which 3 won the first prize of Excellent Teaching Materials of Surveying and Mapping Award in colleges and universities nationwide; and he has published more than 150 academic papers. He has supervised 54 Master students and 65 Doctoral students, among whom there are 1 excellent master’s thesis, 3 excellent doctoral theses, 1 national excellent doctoral thesis nomination and 8 post-doctoral tutors which have trained a large number of high-level talents in surveying and mapping and geographic information technology for the country and the army. The teaching team he led was rated as a national teaching team, and the scientific research team he led was rated as Science and Technology Innovation Team by China PLA General Political Department and Henan peovice.

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