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ZOU Guangan


ZOU Guangan


ZOU GuangTian

Prof. Zou, academician, was born in July 1938. He received his master degree of Solid physics from Jilin University in 1965. He is the international academic advisor of the journal Diamond Deposition Science and Technology”, an editorial board member of Superhard Material and editorial board of 6 domestic magazines. Meanwhile, he is the director member of the Chinese Physics Society, High pressure physics Specialized committee, chairman of the physics society in Jilin Province. He has been appointed as a committee member of the iternational committee on the physical properties of the earth's interior for four consecutive times. In 1995, he was elected as the executive director of the International High Pressure Science and Technology Association and as the deputy chairman of the association in 1997. He was awarded the top talent of Jilin Province in 1985, and was titled as National Young and Middle-Aged Expert with Prominent Contributions by the Ministry of Personnel in 1990. He is currently the member of Evaluation Committee of Physics and Astronomy of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, the supervisor of doctoral student in condensed matter physics at Jilin University, and the director of the state Key Laboratory of Superhard Material at Jilin University. He was titled the excellent expert of Jilin Province, elected as the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001, and was appointed as the director of the academic committee of Key Laboratory of Special Functional Materials in 2004.

Prof. Zou has been engaged in the research on high pressure physics for many years, discovered more than 100 new high-pressure phases and new pressure effects, and revealed the nature and laws of some phase transitions. For instance, the pressure induced ferroelectric phase transition in perovskite-doped nanocrystalline and its phase transition mechanism, the soft mode and amorphous phase transition of the Pseudo-Perovskite natural superlattice, the transformation of Fuller carbon into the physical mechanism of diamond at high temperature and pressure etc. He is one of the early researchers in the study of high pressure of mantle in China and acquired a series of important results in the field of high pressure physics. He founded the first ultrahigh pressure laboratory to study high pressure in-situ in China and the state Key Laboratory of Superhard Material. He has developed some key experimental techniques about the generation, calibration and laser heating of hydrostatic pressure at million atmospheres, and has achieved a series of innovative results. He has published nearly 400 papers and 4 monographs; obtained 3 issued patents; won technology progress award of ministry of education, including the first prize one, the second prize one, the third prize two.

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