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Student Clubs

Getting involved in a student club or group could be one of the highlights of your time on campus. HENU has 129 student clubs and groups. Whatever your interests, you can easily find a matching club or group. Generally speaking, groups and clubs fit into one of several categories: politics, academic science and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, culture and sports, etc. Moreover, diverse activities organized by student clubs play an important role in “Second Classrooms” education, which provide students with colourful campus life and practices.


Sun Style Tai Chi Association


Founded in Henan University on April 15, 2013, Sun Style Tai Chi Association is determined to inherit and carry forward the wushu spirit of grandmaster Sun Shurong. By promoting and carrying forward Sun Style Tai Chi and Sun Style Tai Chi culture, we teach Sun Style Tai Chi lovers and make this traditional Chinese wushu shine in Henan University in the new era. Hong Hao, vice president of Kaifeng Wushu Association, director of Public Physical Education Department of Henan University, professor of Wushu College and the fourth-generation successor of Sun Style Tai Chi, serve as the president, and Guo Guocheng, the fourth-generation successor of Sun Style Tai Chi, serve as the honorary president and instructor.

Join us and enjoy the charm of Sun Style Tai Chi.

Contact information as follows:

Name: Li Yajie(School of Nursing and Health)

Phone Number: 13838914697

QQ: 1409898758


Four-Colored Pigeon Dance Association



The Four-Colored Pigeon Dance Association (FCP for short) is a youthful association. We aim to enrich campus life and cultivate students’ interest in dancing. Our members have participated in many performances and ceremonies and received unanimous praise. FCP is a passionate dance association, welcome to ignite your passion here; also a palace of personality development, you are welcome to shape a beautiful mind here.


Every week, we will arrange classes according to the number and content, including large classes and small groups. The big class is mainly about basic skills and physical training, while the small group is about different kinds of dance teaching, including Jazz, Folk Dance, Breaking, Urban, Popping, Hip-Hop and so on.


Contact information as follows:

President: Li Ruotong (International Education College)

Phone number: 18237918923

QQ: 451995180


Nunchaku Association



Founded in 2010, the Nunchaku Association is affiliated with the School of Mathematics and Statistics. We aim to enrich students' lives, develop their interests and skills, and promote the Chinese martial arts culture.


If you like nunchakus and Bruce Lee, join us now!


Contact information as follows:

President: Wang Xinjuan    

Phone Number: 15841105257

QQ: 2524601219




Calligraphy Association

Founded in October 2010, the Calligraphy Association is affiliated with the College of Environment and Planning. The association aims to promote Chinese calligraphy, and to be a platform for students who love calligraphy to communicate and show. Through holding calligraphy exchange meetings, calligraphy competitions, calligraphy examinations and other activities, we will provide members with opportunities to learn calligraphy and enrich their after-school life.


Join us if you're interested in Chinese calligraphy!


Contact information as follows

President: Shi Zhongqi (School of Pharmacy)

Phone Number: 13663758296

QQ: 2305816013


OS Skateboarding Club


In order to promote skateboarding culture and build a platform for skateboarders to communicate, the OS Skateboard Club was founded in 2018. Every year, we hold welcome activities, Skate Jam and Ollie in the Sunken Square of Jinming Campus. We also often organize our members to watch skateboard-related films.

Skateboarders, join us now!

Contact information as follows:

President: Feng Xingyuan (School of Mathematics and Statistics)

Phone Number: 15290866111

QQ: 75889021


Inns Guitar Club


Since its inception in 2001, the Inns Guitar Club has long-standing commitment to “enriching campus life in communication and cultivating sentiment in performing”. Whether you like folk, rock or solo, zealous guitar and music lovers are waiting for you.

Join us now!

Contact information as follows:

President: Shi Xinhang (Medical School)

Phone Number: 18045077722

QQ: 898379841




Hanfu Association



Founded in 2014, Hanfu Association takes Hanfu as the theme, promotes traditional culture and exchanges learning experience through holding lectures, parades in traditional Chinese festivals, learning traditional skills and reading classic works, etc.


Through annual activities such as traveling in Hanfu, holding Hanfu Culture Expo, we aim to let more students know about Hanfu, our country and traditional culture.


Don't hesitate to join us and enjoy the charm of Hanfu!


Contact information as follows:

President: Fan Weihua (Miami College)

Phone Number: 18205566093

QQ: 1390522372



Yoga Club



Based on the excellent yoga culture, Yoga Club was established in September 2014. In order to introduce and learn yoga culture and enrich our campus life, we hold a variety of activities every year, including basic yoga, dance rhyme yoga, outdoor yoga, and reading the classics, etc. Especially during the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, we launched online yoga classes to help many college students exercise at home.


Come and practice yoga with us!


Contact information as follows:

President: Li Rui(School of Life Sciences)

Phone Number: 15225490577

QQ: 1217210829



TMS E-Sports Club



TMS E-sports Club was founded in 2017 to provide a platform for E-sports fans at Henan University to communicate.

Since the inception, we have held many online and offline competitions, including six games, such as Honor of Kings and League of Legends. To be more professional, we will organize the members to watch high-level e-sports competitions and attend lectures together. Our varsities of Honor of Kings and League of Legends also won many games in the past three years.


Welcome to join us for e-sports and team spirit!


Contact information as follows:

President: Zhang Yixin(School of Economics)

Phone Number: 18901326197




Polaris Astronomy Association



Affiliated with the School of Environment and Planning, the Polaris Astronomy Association is composed mainly of astronomy enthusiasts and students majoring in astronomy research.


Our activity site is mainly located in the spherical astronomy room on the roof of the College of Environment and Planning. The instructors and principals of the association will plan and organize activities, aiming to provide a large platform for many astronomy lovers to learn and communicate!


With the objective of “looking up at the sky, understanding the universe, exploring nature and advocating science”, we attract more astronomy lovers to learn astronomy knowledge, explore the mysteries of the universe, popularize astronomy knowledge in daily life and make astronomy come into our life through the forms of science popularization, observation, experiment, simulation, demonstration, investigation and lecture.


If you yearn for the vast and mysterious universe, get in touch and join us!


Contact information as follows:

President: Shang Xinyu (Miami College)

Phone Number: 15138595562




Chinese Wushu Association



Founded in June 2017, the Chinese Wushu Association adheres to the principle of "making friends with wushu and winning people with wushu virtues", and aims to promote Chinese wushu culture. In order to improve the students' physical quality and self-protection ability, we have set up four branches, namely kickboxing, Taekwondo, traditional Chinese wushu and Kung Fu Fan, and adopt the mode of "weekly training and monthly competition". Since its establishment, more than 300 people who love Chinese wushu have joined us.


In order to make our campus life more wonderful, we regularly hold various offline activities, such as actual combats, Sanda competitions, collective activities, etc., to test and improve students' performances.


Join us now if you’re interested in Chinese wushu!


Contact information as follows:

President: Li Chuanghui(School of Pharmacy)

Phone Number: 15157870932

QQ: 2380633545



Sunshine Long-Distance Running Association



Affiliated to the Physical Education College of Henan University, the Sunshine Long-Distance Running Association aims to promote running and the spirit of national fitness.  Our slogan is: Running makes our life more exciting!


Join us now to experience the charm of running!


Contact information as follows:

President: Ji Xuejing (Eurasia International School)

Phone Number: 17837870623

QQ: 2667373386



Feeler Animation Club



Established in 2000, Tentacle Animation Club aims to build a platform for communication and interaction among ACG lovers in Henan University. As one of the earliest, largest and most comprehensive animation clubs in Henan Province, we hold a variety of activities every year, including dance conference, tea party, e-sports competition and so on. We have won the First Prize and the Best Performance Award in the National Animation Play Competition.


We also hold various and positive activities to guide the behavior of animation lovers and improve their comprehensive quality in innovation, appreciation and interpersonal communication.


Come and feel the magic of animation with us!


Contact information as follows:

President: Liu Junyao (International Education College)

Phone Number: 18738997086

QQ: 2783035508



Chess Association



Founded in 1997, Chess Association is an association integrating knowledge, entertainment and economy. Enjoyable and educational, we aim to provide chess lovers with opportunities to improve their chess skills and cultivation, as well as a platform for competitions and exhibitions. We have over 1,000 chess fans, including Chinese chess, go, chess, gobang, military chess, and almost all kinds of board role- playing games. In 2019 and 2020, Chess Association in Jinming Campus was rated as one of the top 10 clubs and associations.


Join us and fight on the chessboard!


Contact information as follows:

President: Xi Haoyuan (International Education College)

Phone Number: 15036382883

QQ: 1332322884



Badminton Club



The Badminton Club was founded in 2009, aiming to provide a platform for badminton lovers to communicate and learn from each other. We hold badminton competitions and badminton knowledge competitions and other activities to enrich our campus life, thereby further making our members more united, courageous and positive.


Join us and be better together!


Contact information as follows:

President: Cui Yuxiao(College of Chinese Language and Literature)

Phone Number: 13693902629

QQ: 1762263336

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