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The 2024 HENU New Year Concert is held

On the evening of December 28, the 2024 HENU New Year Concert was held in the Concert Hall of the Music School on the Minglun Campus. Suojiang Zhang, President of HENU, delivered a speech via video. The Concert was attended by Vice President Shaokang Xu, persons in charge of Colleges and Schools, leaders of functional departments, retired staff, and representatives of teachers and students, all of whom shared the joy of the New Year.

In the speech, Suojiang Zhang affirmed HENU’s achievements in every respect in 2023. He expressed his confidence in its transformation and development into a research-oriented university. He indicated that in 2024, HENU would still be committed to being a world-class university and operate in line with world-class standards to make constant progress so as to play a leading role. It will accelerate the construction of “Double First-Class” and “Dual Aircraft Carriers” initiatives to achieve a bright future.

The Concert offered vivid and lively programs in the first half, such as Ten-mile Red Dowry, Flight of the Bumblebee, and The Yellow River. The second half mainly included programs that combined traditional and modern Chinese elements, such as Spring Festival Overture, Silk Road, and Red Flowers Blooming All Over The Mountain, which reminded the audience of past memories. Finally, teachers and students sang the school anthem of HENU, bringing the Concert to an end.

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