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The 7th Tieta Golden Autumn International Cultural Festival is held at HENU

On November 19, the 7th Tieta Golden Autumn International Cultural Festival was held at the Minglun Campus of Henan University (HENU). This event consists of the National Customs Exhibition, the National Food Exhibition, and the National Art Exhibition, attracting nearly 3,000 teachers and students to join in.

At the event, the introductions of 32 countries’ customs were displayed at the auditorium square. Student representatives of different countries dressed in traditional costumes and stood in front of their country’s booth, actively introducing their traditions, cultures, foods, and traditional costumes. The students experienced different cultures: A Cameroonian girl was painting the national flag; a Vietnamese boy was writing sincere blessings; and a Belarusian student was painting to give people his best wishes. Chinese and foreign students held each other’s hands, singing and dancing to the music.

Students from 13 countries, including Myanmar, prepared their traditional delicacies and invited teachers and students to have a taste. The students expressed that they were from different countries, but they felt so glad to see that they understood each other through the exchange of cultures.

At 18:30, the National Art Exhibition officially opened in the concert hall, where a lot of exciting performances were staged, such as guzheng, Shaolin boxing, sword dance, Song poetry recitation, and Henan opera, winning great applause.

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