Admission / Undergraduate Program /

Undergraduate Program

School of Chinese Language and Literature
•Chinese Language and Literature
•Secretarial Studies
•Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
•Drama and Film-and-Television Literature

School of History and Culture
•World History
•Cultural Relics and Museology

School of Philosophy and Public Management
•Administrative Management
•Labour and Social Security
•Social Work

School of Marxism
•Ideological and Political Education

School of Foreign Languages

School of Physical Education
•Physical Education
•Martial Arts and National Traditional Sports
•Athletic training
•Sport Dance

School of Music
•Music Performance
•Theatre and Performance Study
•Composition and Theories of Composition
•Artistic Theory

School of Fine Arts
•Fine Arts
•Visual Communication Design
•Environmental Design

School of Mathematics and Statistics
•Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
•Information and Computing Science
•Financial Mathematics

School of Physics and Electronics
•Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations
•Communication Engineering
•Electronic Science and Technology

School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
•Applied Chemistry

School of life Sciences
•Biological Sciences

School of Environment and Planning
•Geography Science
•Physical Geography and Resource Environment
•Human Geography and Urban and Rural Planning
•Geographic Information Science
•Environmental Science

School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
•Urban and Regional Planning
•Civil Engineering

School of Computer and InformationEngineering
•Computer Science and Technology
•Big Data Science and Technology
•Information Security

School of Software
•Software Engineering
•Internet Engineering

School of Materials
•Nanomaterials and Technology

School of Education
•Education Studies
•Educational Technology
•Pre-school Education
•Applied Psychology

School of Law

School of Economics
•International Economics and Trade
•Public Finance
•Economic Statistics

School of Business
•Business Administration
•Finance Management
•Human Resource Management
•Electronic Commerce
•Logistics Management

School of Journalism and Communication
•Editing And Publishing
•Internet and New Media
•Art of Broadcasting and Hosting
•Radio & Television Editing and Directing

School of Cultural Industry and Tourism Management
•Tourism Management
•Cultural Industry Management

School of Basic Medical Sciences
•Clinical Medicine
•Pharmaceutical Preparations
•Chinese Pharmacology
•Clinical Pharmacology
•Nursing Science

School of Clinical Medicine
•Clinical Medicine

School of Pharmacy
•Chinese Pharmacology
•Clinical Pharmacology

School of Nursing and Health
•Nursing Science

School of Stomatology

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Jinming Campus: Jinming Avenue, Kaifeng 475001, P.R. China
Tel: +86-371-23886202